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Ticks in the News

It's not often that a national news report directly refers to businesses like ours but when Fort William GP Dr Jim Douglas recently called on shops in the Scottish Highlands to stock tick-removal aids we though it worth pointing out that ticks are also prevalent in the Scottish Borders grasslands and forests and that Out & About stocks the removal tools to which Dr Douglas is referring.
BBC Report about Ticks
Of course the best way to avoid the risk of tick-borne Lyme's Disease is not to pick one up in the first place. Common sense measures include avoiding long grass and bracken and wearing trousers and long sleeved clothing with close fitting cuffs. Insect repellents are not just effective against flying beasties but will also repel ticks. Our best selling brand is Smidge (£7)
If you are unlucky enough to attract a tick we offer two devices that are helpful in their removal. Our Lifesystems Tick Tweezers (£3.25) work like conventional tweezers but they have hooked ends that you can slide underneath the tick before gently rotating to remove. Our personal experience of these in use is that a degree of care is required to not squeeze the tick as you are engaging the tweezers. The tweezers are very fine, however, and if you spot the tick while it is still quite small and before it has become engorged then the adaptability of the tweezers means it is still possible to slide them in underneath the head of the attached insect.

An alternative removal tool is the Lifesystems Tick Removal Card (£4). This is credit card sized so has the advantage of being able to be slipped in to your wallet ready for use at any time. The card also has a magnifier to help you determine which way you should be engaging the slots to get in underneath the tick's head. There are two differently sized slots to use depending on how large the tick is. The packaging of the card gives clear instructions on how to use it and advice on when medical advice should be sought.

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