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Smidge that Midge now available £7

It's been a good summer for midges- lots of damp, humid weather- not so good for their human prey. We've responded to lots of customer requests to supply a new repellent, Smidge® which is produced by the experts behind the Scottish Midge Forecast a daily update on forecasted midge conditions that you can view here
What's Different about Smidge®?
Smidge® is a long lasting, broad spectrum repellent, effective against a number of mosquito species, horseflies, ticks and most importantly in the UK, the dreaded midge. The active ingredient is Saltidin®. Recommended by the World Health Organisation, it has none of the plastic-melting nastiness of DEET and is safe for use on adults, children over 30 months and pregnant women.
Saltidin® is available in other brands of insect repellent but the really clever thing with Smidge® is that the 20% Saltidin® solution is carried in a patented moisturising, water and sweat proof lotion that stays on your skin throughout the day's activit…