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Tick Bite Prevention Week 26th March

Next week is tick bite prevention week and the early spring weather we've recently experienced means that ticks are already being reported as active.
You can visit the website for more information here

At Out & About we think it's important to take the threat of tick-borne diseases seriously. One of the staff in our Harrogate store suffered a long period of ill-health after contracting Lyme Disease from an infected tick bite and I've also had a brush with complications from a tick bite myself. I picked up a tick after mountain-biking one evening in Glentress and a week or so later began exhibiting the classic "Bull's Eye" rash that can be one of the early signs of a tick-borne infection. When I went to the doctors I was, at first, a little preturbed that my GP needed to use Google to find out more about the symptoms but at the same time felt fortunate that he was open minded and informed enough to prescribe precautionary anti-biotics. I felt pretty rough …

New stock arrivals in a new part of our website

We have two key seasons each year when new products are available in the stores. We've decided to highlight the Spring Summer 2012 arrivals in a new section of our website that you can reach by selecting Spring Summer 12 on our homepage. There's more arriving over the coming weeks so keep checking back with us to keep up to date

Peebles branch closed at 4:30pm Saturday 10th March

Co-founder of Out & About, Ivan Chamberlain, has a significant birthday on Saturday, which his family would like to share with him. One of the drawbacks of Out & About being a family business is that his family is all of us, half being in Peebles and half being in Harrogate. In order to share the festivities, the Peebles shop is closing half an hour early at 4:30pm. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause- everything will be back to normal on Monday

Spring 2012 Scotland Outdoors out now

The Spring 2012 issue of Scotland Outdoors is out now (£3.80) with an in depth look at the outdoor adventure opportunities available in Ayrshire and Arran. Describing Arran as "Scotland in Minature" is something of a cliche but with all manner of activities available on land and sea it's clear that it's also one that's true. There is a look at the affect Community Buy-outs have had in some of Scotland's remotest areas and an exploration of some of Scotland's caves, including a newly discovered cavern in Applecross. With beautiful photography throughout as usual, you'd be hard pressed not to find something in the magazine to inspire you to get outdoors this spring.