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Bit of an experiment in Peebles

We're trying something a bit different in the Peebles store at the moment. We've always displayed our clothing grouped by function: all the legwear together; the waterproof jackets in another part of the shop; the midlayers on a different rail again. It's seemed like the obvious way to make use of our limited space and when you want to chat to us about the relative merits of our products it's good to have them all to hand. But we wondered if there might be a better way to present the character of the brands we stock.

I'm in the middle of the buying season for the kit we'll be selling in Winter 2013-14 and I realised that I don't just think  about what to buy in relation to competing products offered by other brands but also in terms of how the things we've chosen complement each other within the brand. That can be a major design feature like a group of products all aimed at the same end use or a little thing like a matching coloured trim across a few s…