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Winterise your Rucksack

With the the clocks about to go back, The Mountaineering Council of Scotland have issued a timely reminder to climbers and walkers urging them to take simple steps now to keep themselves safe through the autumn and winter.
Days are already getting shorter and will seem shorter still when the clocks go back an hour this weekend.
“A head torch is a crucial bit of kit for these shorter days,” says mountain safety expert Heather Morning.
“It can make the difference between getting home safely and spending the night out on the mountainside, lost or injured.”
Heather, Mountain Safety Adviser for the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS), said: “Shorter daylight hours, dropping temperatures and the first dusting of snow on the hills are obvious indicators for hill walkers to think about extra kit in their rucksacks.
“A head torch – with a spare battery – is crucial just in case your chosen route takes a wee bit longer than expected. 
“It’s also well worth considering putting away those light…