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25 years on...still going strong

In November 1992 we were working hard to get our shop in Peebles opened. We were living in a draughty old shepherd's cottage in the Moorfoot Hills at the time and one day, our landlady remarked that there was a famous mountaineer coming to give a fundraising talk in aid of the village hall. It seemed unlikely but yes, Chris Bonington was coming to Carrington.
It proved to be a memorable evening that people still occasionally mention to us today. Standing room only with an eclectic audience of school children, Women's Institute stalwarts, elders of the kirk and a smattering of outdoor enthusiasts. It probably wasn't the kind of gathering Bonington was used to speaking to but his professionalism and communication skills ensured that his stories came alive for everyone in the room.
At the end of the presentation we joined the scrum of autograph hunters and got his signature on a poster which we hung in our new shop on the day it opened. It stayed on the wall for quite a few y…

Peebles Store CLOSED for Beltane Saturday 24th June

It's our once-a-year Saturday Shut Down for Peebles Beltane Festival on 24th June. Best wishes to the Beltane Queen & Court- we hope everyone has a great weekend

Peebles Store CLOSED Monday 10th April only

Easter weekend is often the first busy weekend of the year in Peebles. To make sure we maintain our opening hours when lots of visitors arrive in town we are taking our own break a little early. We will be CLOSED for one day only on Monday 10th April. See you on Tuesday!