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-18 deg C but we're open for business

We're all in the midst of the Big Freeze but if you've been following the news you'll be aware that things are particularly bad in the Scottish Borders at the moment, we've been pretty well cut-off from everywhere else, with the police advising people to stay at home unless its a life-or-death situation. We'd like to reassure everyone that despite the thick ice on the inside of the window (see pictures below) our Peebles shop is open for business as usual even though many shops in the town's High Street are currently closed.

So far this morning we've been able to help people out with water containers so they can take water to their horses in frozen fields, emergency blankets to help thaw out pipes and small gas stoves and gas cartridges when they are without power (and of course warm socks). In between customers we've been helping free cars stuck outside the shop. As we are not currently receiving deliveries, we are running low on some items but we are d…