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Campsite luxury from Alite with the Mayfly Chair

Alite is a small company from the Mission District of San Francisco. Its founders have a background in product design for some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry. When they set up on their own they wanted to acknowledge that it's a small minority of customers who actually take outdoor gear in to the dramatic, remote environments that tend to feature in the advertising campaigns of outdoor companies. They felt that most people just enjoy doing their thing outdoors and Alite products are the result of applying the research, design and quality of adventure market products in to stuff that you can use at the beach or in the camp site.
Which is where the Mayfly Chair comes in.

The Mayfly Chair from Alite Designs on Vimeo.

We're stocking this super-comfortable, super-light, super-strong chair in our Harrogate store. It costs £85 but if you feel the quality of its construction you'll see that it's worth comparing it to a piece of furniture in your home. Hailing from …

Ticks in the News

It's not often that a national news report directly refers to businesses like ours but when Fort William GP Dr Jim Douglas recently called on shops in the Scottish Highlands to stock tick-removal aids we though it worth pointing out that ticks are also prevalent in the Scottish Borders grasslands and forests and that Out & About stocks the removal tools to which Dr Douglas is referring.
Of course the best way to avoid the risk of tick-borne Lyme's Disease is not to pick one up in the first place. Common sense measures include avoiding long grass and bracken and wearing trousers and long sleeved clothing with close fitting cuffs. Insect repellents are not just effective against flying beasties but will also repel ticks. Our best selling brand is Smidge (£7)
If you are unlucky enough to attract a tick we offer two devices that are helpful in their removal. Our Lifesystems Tick Tweezers (£3.25) work like conventional tweezers but they have hooked ends that you can slide under…